How to game on a low-spec PC

I remember when I was a kid, trying to play GTA: Vice City on my old, white, 512 Mb RAM PC. It was a game that I enjoyed, even tho I could barely have 20 FPS, and most of the time I was lagging, causing me to crash into cars, people, and sometimes police, causing me troubles while trying to pass a mission.

Here are some ways you can improve your FPS and reduce lag.

I tried everything to improve my gaming experience: uninstalling unnecessary software, limiting the programs at startup, checked for malware, disk cleanup, lowering graphic settings etc. It's needless to say none of this didn't help me improve the game quality a lot. The only thing I could have done to improve the experience was to upgrade the PC.

Today, fortunately, you have multiple options to improve your gameplay. The first one is obvious, it is to upgrade your PC. This process might be painful, especially if you own, and game on your laptop.

The second choice might not be so obvious, and it's called "Cloud Gaming". Cloud gaming is a concept where you use someone else's hardware to process the game, giving you only the output on your PC monitor. This concept allows you to play any game on your old PC, laptop, smartphone, or almost any other device. You just need a stable and fast internet connection.

Pros of Cloud gaming over buying a new hardware

With the recent rise in the price of computer chips, upgrades have become more expensive than ever. New games are arriving, and if you want to play them on a top level, you need to upgrade your hardware every couple of years. When you calculate the money spent on hardware, it is pretty obvious that cloud gaming is cheaper than upgrading your PC every couple of years.

However, if you already spent so much money on new hardware, why not provide it to other gamers, let them connect to your PC via direct, secured, peer-2-peer connection, and earn some money by doing it?

This is exactly the gap that Clastr is trying to bridge. On one side we have casual gamers who need to pay an enormous amount of money just to play a new game, and on the other side, we have avid gamers that would gladly spend money on the new hardware, but would also like to earn money for the future upgrades. It's worth mentioning that as a gamer you will be able to acces Clastr via Browser. Some users say that Clastr offers a "Remote desktop for Gaming".

Connect any device to a gaming PC via Clastr

Pros of buying a new hardware

If you have an unstable internet connection or a poor speed of internet, you might not be able to experience the full potential of cloud gaming. The solution to this problem would be to improve your internet connection or pay for new hardware. Fortunately, with the rise of new internet technologies, this problem will be smaller and smaller in the future.

Sense of ownership

Sometimes you take pride in having a great gaming PC. You can brag about it to your friends, it is only yours and no one else's, etc. But, what is the point, in the end, if you can play all the games you want via the cloud? You can take pride in your Clastr account as well - achievements, badges, levels - these are just some ways that we will try to implement engagement in the future. If you want to read more about those principles, please visit our Gamification article.

Is cloud gaming the future?

Cloud gaming is a technology that allows you to connect to a server, or in Clastr's case - to another gaming PC. This concept is sometimes referred to as "Remote desktop for gaming". The PC you connect to runs the game, while giving you the image and audio as an output. This means that you can play games on a low-end PC, by using the high-end PC resources. This requires a fast and reliable internet connection. The optimal speed to use for Clastr is at least 40mbps for download, and 20mbps for upload, connected via ethernet cable.

So, what Cloud Gaming service should I use to game on a low-spec PC?

It's a pretty easy choice, in our opinion ;) Visit, and sign up for testing of our service! We will notify you when it's ready, and we are keen to hear your feedback! Let's provide a great PC to everyone!

What does cloud gaming mean for the future of gaming?

Gamers will have a huge variety of choices when it comes to cloud gaming platforms. Gaming will become much more accessible to people who don’t have the money to purchase gaming equipment. Basically, you can get a remote gaming PC at affordable prices. Ideally, the casual gamers will be able to play AAA titles without having to purchase additional gear to run them. This will allow gamers to be more flexible when it comes to gaming — and a wider variety of choices means better deals for gamers. Right now, the Cloud Gaming market is worth a little bit over 1% of the overall gaming market, with a huge ability to grow in the upcoming years.

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