Best Cloud Gaming resources to follow in 2024

As we step into 2024, the gaming world continues to evolve, with cloud gaming emerging as a revolutionary force. This transformative technology allows gamers to access high-quality, console-like experiences without expensive hardware. To stay on top of the latest developments, trends, and insights, here are the best cloud gaming resources to follow in 2024.

Gaming News Websites:

  • The Verge's Gaming Section: The Verge consistently covers the latest in gaming technology, including cloud gaming. Their in-depth articles and reviews comprehensively overview industry trends and innovations.
  • IGN Cloud Gaming Hub: IGN is a go-to source for gaming news, and their dedicated Cloud Gaming Hub is a treasure trove of information. From game reviews to feature articles, this hub covers all aspects of cloud gaming.
  • TechRadar Gaming: TechRadar provides insightful reviews and buyer's guides for cloud gaming services. Stay informed about the best platforms, subscription plans, and emerging technologies through their gaming section.
  • Cloud Dosage is one of the few websites completely dedicated to cloud gaming. With its up-to-date news and posts about cloud gaming, this is for sure one of the best websites to follow if you want to stay "In the Game" at all times.

Youtube Channels:

  • Game Fusion Cloud: This YouTube channel offers hands-on reviews, comparisons, and gameplay footage of various cloud gaming services. Keep yourself entertained and informed with their engaging content.
  • Bit Cloud Gaming: Tune in to Bit Cloud Gaming's YouTube channel for in-depth discussions on industry trends, services & games reviews, brought to you weekly.
  • Cloud Gaming Battle is one of the most complete cloud gaming YouTube channels, bringing you the latest news, updates, and reviews from multiple cloud gaming services.


  • r/cloudgaming is a subreddit where you can often find posts by other users, reviewing different services, and posting about their issues and solutions to those issues. Many of those posts are propelling discussions among gamers, helping them choose the optimal service for their needs.
  • r/cloudygamer is by far the biggest cloud gaming community. Most of the posts are related to Moonlight and/or Sunshine streaming combo, but you can also find information related to other cloud gaming platforms and services.

In 2024, cloud gaming is set to redefine how we experience and engage with video games. By following these resources, you'll be well-equipped to navigate the rapidly evolving landscape, discover new games, and make informed decisions about the best cloud gaming services for your preferences. Embrace the future of gaming, and level up your knowledge with these essential resources.

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