Meet the Clastr team

We've asked our selves a question - what does it take to develop a cloud gaming platform? Is it the amount of capital? The vision of the Company? The developing team? Delivering a great user experience? Creating a product that market really needs?  The answer is - yes. Everything is important, and there are many more elements to what brings success in cloud gaming.

Let's talk about the Team element - In our opinion, important element in order to create any product or service, which is even more important element in startup companies.

Having a bad founding team is the cause of 23% of failing startups.

Why startups fail?

The founding team usually consists of 2 or more members with different backgrounds and different skills, which is necessary to cover a development of a complex product such as a cloud gaming platform.

We believe that we have covered these areas with 2 members, but we expect more people to join us in our venture soon.

Without further ado, let's meet the Clastr team!

The founder who expressed his idea first, and has been leading with a vision of a platform is Danijel Martinek. He is a freelance, full-stack web developer with 4 years of experience, fresh out of college, and has decided to open up his small business for development services for clients.  His main focus areas are web technologies, while he has a great overall knowledge of mobile and system development processes.  Except for the development ;) , he also enjoys watching & playing football & watching F1. His GitHub repository is available Here.

Danijel Martinek, founder of Clastr

Founder that joined Danijel after listening to his idea & vision, is Petar Starčević. He is a UX/UI/Product designer that is also a freelancer, but has experience working in a venture building agency, where he helped startups and SMEs achieve their goals through design & business development. He is also a member of  Lean Startup Croatia where he helped with content creation for the team. He also has experience of talking to many tech & gaming enthusiasts via his podcast called "Birc Talk".

His goal now is to develop Clastr among with another family business. He is also still working for clients, and some of his work you may find here: Link

Petar Starčević, co-founder of Clastr

We believe our team right now is well-rounded, and that we can cover the areas necessary to start this journey.

Our vision is to create a platform where people will be able to exchange hardware between themselves, and create the ecosystem of computers in the cloud. The ultimate goal is to "decentralize and democratize" PC power in local areas. If you would like to support us, or you see yourself as the part of the Clastr ecosystem and would like to contribute to our vision, you can join our Discord.

We are also currently looking for an investment, so if you know any VC fund or startup accelerator that has focused on gaming, decentralization and IT, please contact us, we would be grateful.

Thank you for reading, GG.

-Team Clastr



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