Clastr Beta is LIVE! Try it for FREE!

After quite of development time, the wait is finally over(ish). You can now play on Clastr! Connect to a gaming PC (server), and play games via the cloud. Register an account and get 2 hours of gameplay for free, for a limited time duration.

Here is how you can use Clastr Beta:

Go to

And find a PC/Server you would like to use, on a map. Click connect, and in a short time, you're connected to it, and play the games you wish to play. Hence, this is only a beta, and more features are to arrive soon. Those features will significantly improve the easiness of use, game choice, connection process & quality of the gameplay. In addition to that, we are working on getting more PCs available on Clastr. More PCs = More choice for gamers = Better latency/quality of the gameplay. Interface where you can choose a PC provider

After you are connected to a PC, you will see an interface that this particular PC has, and then you will be able to run games that you already own, via the game launcher such as Steam, Origin, Epic, etc. Once you log into your game launcher account, you're all set to enjoy the game.

When you finish playing, one great thing you can do for us is to give us your honest opinion about Clastr. We're excited to hear your feedback which will improve Clastr in the near future. It's cool to have a saying in the future development of the future number one cloud gaming service, isn't it? ;)

Clastr for PC Providers (or, how to make money on Clastr):

Go to, register as a PC Provider, and wait for updates.

This feature is still under construction. If you are a business (game/esport arena, LAN cafe, or other), you will be able to provide your services on Clastr after we approve your application. If you are a private PC owner, you will need to wait for our instructions on how to install security features and secure your PC prior to offering it on Clastr. Until we finish this part of our platform, here is a sneak-peak from under the hood: A management system for Clastr business PC Providers.

Provider dashboard for PC Control on Clastr

Business owners (internet cafes, LAN cafes, game arenas), what are you waiting for? Use Clastr to provide your PC for a more gamers than ever before, and use the idle time of your PCs to increase your revenue! If you have any questions regarding how this model will work, please contact us at

If you own the gaming hardware you want to connect to...

Don't worry, our Demo version is still free for you to use. Connect to your own gaming rig remotely via the browser, or play games with your friends. Soon, this demo version will get more updates, but let's just leave it at this for now ;)

Do you have any questions? Best way to reach us is to use our Discord.

Happy playing!



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