Why are we the right cloud gaming platform for you?

In today's world of rapid innovation, the new cloud gaming platforms emerge on the market. Companies like Microsoft, Amazon, Google, and NVIDIA are just some of the companies that are interested in the cloud gaming market space. Many people ask us, how do we fit into this market, and why are we better than these multi-billion dollar companies? So, here are some reasons you should consider joining Clastr platform.

#1: You will be able to have a full-remote desktop experience

One of the main advantages of Clastr for gamers is that we are offering a full-desktop experience, where we will be focused not only on gamers, but also people who are wanting to solve every-day tasks that their PC can't handle. This is our goal for the future of the platform. Our technology will allow you to have a full desktop solution if you need it.

#2: You will have a possibility to earn money, efficiently

We know there are ways to use PCs in order to make money. But the profits for crypto mining getting lower, and with more power necessary to mine, the profitability is slim.  Also, there is a lot of debate whether crypto mining is good for the future of the world, since it takes a huge amount of energy. With Clastr, you will be able to earn money just by having games installed at your machine, and having your PC provided at our platform. Your earnings would depend on several factors: PC strength, Quality of the internet connection & Region.

#3: You will have a smaller latency than when using our competitors platform

Most of the cloud gaming platforms have their servers centralized in a particular city. Since we offer a decentralized solution using Web RTC technology, you will be able to connect to a provider nearby. This will give you a better quality of gaming, since the internet signal has to travel smaller distance between you and the server, in our case - Provider.

#4: Clastr is completely safe for you

We take security very seriously. This is why we are going to build a solution that is 100% hacker-proof, so that no one can access any other file at your PC, except the particular game. We will make absolutely sure that Clastr is secured for both parties, so that everyone can enjoy the benefits of Clastr.

#5: Pay-as-you-Play

If you play only for 10 hours a month, you will pay only for 10 hours. There are no additional fees or charges by either provider or us. This will allow you to be flexible with your gaming. You could still play older games you love at your PC, but when you want to play the newest AAA gaming title like RDR2, GTA V or Cyberpunk, you will be able to connect to Clastr and enjoy the games.

#6 Free cloud gaming?

We are currently fiddling with a concept of a free cloud gaming. If you have a friend who has a great PC, and is willing to provide his PC to you, you will be able to connect to them for free, or for just a small fee, aka coffee.

7# We are open and transparent

Our core principles are openness and transparency. We want to make our platform to suit the gamers, and we want you to be a part of that journey. This is why  we want to be clear with our intentions & processes.

8# We are more ecologic than our competitors

Just imagine how many components need to be manufactured in order to provide for cloud gaming services. We believe we can reduce that number by significant amount, and that means less pollution in the manufacturing.

Imagine the energy, time and effort that needs to go into building a cloud gaming infrastructure. We believe that infrastructure is already here, among the gamers, but it just needs to be better distributed and decentralized in order to do more benefits to local areas and the society in general.



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