New PCs are added in Atlanta (US) and Sremska Mitrovica (Serbia)

We have added new physical machines for you to play games at! New locations are Atlanta (3 PCs in total) and Sermska Mitrovica (3 PCs in total). All 3 PCs are physical machines, which means you can play Valorant on each one of those PCs.

After months of testing our solution, we have started to add new PCs to our cloud gaming platform! All of those PCs support Valorant, so now you can play Valorant both in the US and Europe.

Play Valorant on Clastr's PC in Atlanta!

As demand for PCs will rise, we will occasionally add new PCs to our platform, making it accessible to more gamers around the World! Happy playing!

Clastr PCs in Serbia (Sremska Mitrovica)

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